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About the Band

The band started out back in August of 2008 over Myspace when a group of people were looking for musicians to start a group. In that group guitarist, Ryan and drummer, Gino were the only ones to stay with it in pursuit of more members. Along the way they've had many lineup changes being mostly bassists and vocalists, however, have come to settle on the current line up. 

The band didn't really start to "take off" until the fall of 2011. At the time the band wrote their first EP entitled "The Desolate Earth EP" which took a couple of months to write and perfect. When they first introduced the new material at shows, the crowd loved it! It was at this time that the band found their own sound and bettered their abilities of writing with each other. 

Right now the band is currently writing new material towards a full length that they say "SHOULD be out this fall." This will be the band's first attempt at a full length and getting record labels' attention. "The new material is going to be a little bit different than the EP. We plan to grow as a band on this upcoming album with heavier break downs and more melodic parts in the song, along with catchier chorus' and sing-alongs," says drummer, Gino. "We have big plans for the future, but for right now we just plan on taking it one day at a time."

The band's future is not yet "planned out" to say the least, but what they want to do is tour and play shows. Along with writing new material. "Being in a band and playing shows is all I have ever wanted in life. When I am on stage and I see people mouthing our lyrics back at us, it makes me feel so grateful that we have supporters out there. I'm also very happy that we get to meet so many amazing and wonderful people. This is my dream and it's starting to come true," Gino says. 

Any purchases made go directly to the band to help fund recording time, fuel costs and also help the band afford new merchandise. Every little bit helps them get one step closer to our dream of being a full time band!